11.26.14 - Thanksgiving Sale and New ETSY Store Items

Starting today any item in my store is 40% off. Thats right.... 40! Just use the promo code Thanks2014. This is my way of saying 'Thank You' for making this my best year ever. Sale Ends on December 2nd! Over the last month I'm been revamping my ETSY store. I've changed pricing, added framed and canvas artwork, panoramic prints, large format prints and more!

10.1.14 - October Trips


I hope your October is going well. I just returned from a 10 day trip to Glacier National Park. Glacier was absolutely breathtaking. I'm currently editing images for release at upcoming shows.

This October I'll be making two trips: Watkins Glen State Park in NY and Acadia National Park in Maine. Without your support at shows and online these trips would not be possible. Once again I thank you!

7.11.14 - 2014 Show Sehdule & Plans

I've just updated my 2014 show schedule. All the shows listed are the shows I'm planing on attending in 2014. Some of the shows listed do not have firms dates. I'll update the schedule as soon as I get more dates.

I'm currently planing several trips for 2014. In August I'll be traveling to Glacier National Park for 15 days. My goal for this trip is to photograph more of the hard to find areas.

I'm also returning to Acadia National Park in the fall. None of these trips would not be possible with out your support from shows and events, and I want to personally thank you for your support.

1.4.14 - Travel Channel and Baggage Battles!

I've just completed a few shoots for the Travel Channel. I provided stills for the Baggage Battles Television show. The show follows three teams of auction specialists who pick up unclaimed and lost personal property in a bid to turn a profit.

10.6.13 - Acadia National Park

I just got back from a trip to Acadia National Park in Maine. (shutdown be dammed!) The park encompasses everything Maine - wilderness, serenity and beauty. The views as you drive into the park are stunning as you pass pristine ocean access points with a rolling mountain in the background. Its picture worthy for sure!

09.24.13 - Bodie, Mono Lake and Yosemite

Yes I'm back and survived the desert, Burning Man and the fires at Yosemite! We had an excellent shoot and came back with some great images. I brought along on this trip a Fuji 617 Panoramic film camera. It creates a really wide images in a 1:3 aspect ratio. I'm currently scanning and printing these images for my upcoming shows.

09.20.13 - Burning Man 2013

I went to Burning Man for a break from the normal and I returned a changed individual. My goal was to shoot some images for my upcoming project on 'Subcultures'. Never before have I experienced a more welcoming community like Burning Man.

Click Here to Visit the Gallery

09.21.13 - Go West - Young man!

For the next two weeks I'm heading to the West. We're making stops in Reno, Bodie, Mono Lake, Death Valley and Yosemite. As I did last year I’ll share the adventure with you as much as I can. I’m bringing a new toy on this trip – a Fuji GX617 Camera. This film (yes film!) camera is used to create wide sweeping panoramic vistas. See you at the next show!

07.01.13 - Images now available at Donegal Square, Bethlehem. PA

I'm pleased to announce that Donegal Square in Bethlehem, PA is now carrying several of my Ireland images for sale. Stop by and check them out.

Donegal Square
534 Main St.
Bethlehem, PA 18018

05.10.13 - Images now available at Artsy Diva, Bethlehem,PA

Looking for Bethlehem Steel Images? Look no more. Artsy Diva in Bethlehem, PA is now carreying several of my Bethlehem Steel Series in the store. They have framed and bagged prints along with notecards.

Artsy Diva
458 Main St.
Bethlehem, PA 18018

02.10.13 - New Image Collection

Prints of my new image collection called 'Retro Car Grunge' is now online at Starting in March I'll have a limited number of 10x10 inch canvas prints for sale. Please contact me for details.

01.14.13 - Orphaned By Time Project Featured on

My Orphaned by Time Project was featured on in the daily photo blog. Click here to read the article and view the selected pictures. To see more images visit

11.02.12 - Steel Stax Vistior Center

Several images from my 'Bethlehem Steel' collection are on display at the new Bethlehem Visitors center at Steel Stax.

05.19.12 - National Geographic Traveler features my 'Sheep House' in the travel guide.