Behind the Shot: Super Moon

Iceland Super Moon

Tech Specs : Nikon D800 : 24mm Lens : ISO 800 : F4 @ 10 Seconds

As we found out on our recent trip to Iceland - the weather is completely unpredictable and so is nature in general. The land-mass that is Iceland is full of movement - sometimes imperceptible as in the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates that drift apart at about 2 centimeters per year, other times in crazy ways. 

On our 2nd day in Iceland, we had been driving up a mountain leaving behind a snowstorm as we ascended we hit what we thought was an almost whiteout situation. It was coming down in thick white patches, what we thought was snow - we later realized was actually ash. We had traveled through an ash cloud, not from a volcanic eruption but from a small fissure in the earth. 

As we cleared the ash - we saw the magnificent Super Moon, I took this shot as soon as the storm cleared and the moon appeared.

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