About the Artist

Scott Krycia, a curious photographer with a sense of wanderlust found his passion at just 10 years old. Following his father into a store, he was fascinated by the magic of photography. How a camera can capture a moment in time and tell and tell a lifetime of stories all at one time.

Based in the Lehigh Valley region of Pennsylvania, Scott graduated college in 1995 and quickly garnered an exceptional reputation working with companies like Majestic, NorthFace, Martin Guitar, DeWalt, shooting still photography on film and TV sets, concert tours and more all while honing his craft by traveling the world.

Known for his travel and landscape photography, Scott has set out on pilgrimages to US, Ireland, Germany, Scotland, Iceland, Cech Republic, Austria, Nova Scotia, Canada and the UK to capture the most beautiful corners of the most beautiful places.

Whether he is just renting an RV to go shoot the coast of California by himself, finding time for personal reflection, finding the beauty in the decay of an old car laid to rest in the woods or funky, quirkiness of Mid-Century architecture and signs, Scott has the unique ability to find inspiration in the smallest places. 


“If my photos have a mission, it is this: capture rarely viewed scenes and environments and present them in an interesting way. It may be a lonesome tree on an isolated hill or the dark interior of an abandoned building. Whatever the locale, on the best of days these images will stir up unexpected feelings and thoughts in the viewer.

My aim is to create minimalist images, reflecting man's relationship and eternal struggle with the elemental forces which shape our world and the intangible search for fragments of human meaning within that environment.” – Scott Krycia  


Epson Pano Awards 2021 - Silver in Landscapes
Monoawards 2021 - Black & White Landscape
Muse Photography Award - Astrophotography/Night Landscape - 2021
One EyeLand Award - Seascapes - 2021
One EyeLand Award - Night Landscape - 2021
Monoawards - Black & White Landscape 2019
One EyeLand Award - Seascapes - 2019
One EyeLand Award - Night Landscape - 2019
The International Photography Award - Night Landscape - 2019
The International Photography Award - Star Category - 2019
Fine Art Photography Award - 2018
Monoawards - Black & White Landscape - 2018
New Hope Arts Show - Photography - 2014,2015,2016,2018